Thursday, October 9, 2008


She said, this looks like
Tornado weather
And Tyrone spun.
He sucked everything
Into the vortex of what
Couldn't be explained.
She implored him
To seek shelter.
Tyrone stared at the sky
Until she blew inside
The funnel too.


She was guttural,
Tyrone was thread bare
She sang in a silent night,
Tyrone whispered devotion.
Tyrone memorized what was
She couldn't remember
what she forgot.

Blown Away

Wind that has banished
two autumn's leaves
and whipped flags of disgrace
can't fill the sails
to bring us home.

Light that burns days shorter
can't illuminate
these secrets
their shadow grows longer
and we look away.


Seems a fright
to loathe the monster
and pine for the teeth,
tears in the screen door,
flies hover,
perineum twitch.

Startled by toes
between my cold wet feet,
gutters groan
drowned in promise
while unlocked gates
squeak in a primal wind.

The tension of this long meal,
devouring hours,
It's always warmer
where the cannibals perch.

Not from Around Here

Tyrone had never really traveled anywhere
but he always seemed as if he wasn't from
around here.
His goodbyes
a preamble to distances
that had resolve.
His hellos
could inherent
the earth.

Postcards from Florin

I'll send you postcards
from Florin
across this barren sea,
Paintings of girls
never seen
with borrowed eyes,
I could swim in this brackish water,
but I can't shine.


Tyrone knew there were things
that could not be fucked away.
She had taken him by surprise
in the most predictable of ways.
Tyrone woke
with his eyes glued shut
and felt for a pulse.