Friday, August 29, 2008


Tyrone was addicted to
bad decisions.
Even the vicarious guilt
he burdened himself with.
She couldn’t help herself
and neither could Tyrone.


Tyrone surveyed the past
As mythology.
She said she couldn't
Imagine a future without him.
She suckled
This heroic blindness.
Tyrone took note
Of another flaw of the gods.


Tyrone stiffened
Her back arched.
She pursed lips in confidence
Tyrone quivered
Tyrone couldn't give her away
She was invisible


She was as cold
as the abandoned.
Tyrone harbored
Stolen warmth.
She dug a hole
Big enough to bury
Boxes of contradictions.
Tyrone was bound,
She smoldered.

Menstrual Bridge

Tyrone wore her spine
Around his neck.
She lived under a
menstrual bridge.
Tyrone said,
He loved the darktime
But he didn't want to be here.
She hadn't planned,
But this was not
as she had planned.


She looked at Tyrone
Like felled timber.
Attracted to dignities absence.
It was just Tyrone's luck,
He fell on his side
That had cancer.